October 14 & 15, 2019, Ranch Fall Clean Up, 8am, Curbside pick up of branches and chip-ready only garden debris – no leaves, plants, or pine needles. 




We have discovered Water Hemlock plants growing along several water ways in the Ranch.   These plants are extremely poisonous.     Also known as Beaver Poison, Brook-Tongue, Carotte a’ Moreau, Children’s Bane, etc…

Waterhemlockis considered to be the most poisonous plant growing in North America.  All parts of the water hemlock are toxic and can cause death in as little as 15 minutes.

Water hemlockgrows in marshy, swampy areas of meadows; and along banks of streams, pools and rivers.  Accidental poisonings usually occur when water hemlock is mistaken for edible plants such as artichokes, celery, sweet potatoes, sweet anise, or wild parsnip.

Identifying Water Hemlock:  A perennial plant that grows to a height of 3 to 7 feet tall.  The leaves are up to 15 inches long, alternately-arranged, and tri-pinnately-compound with numerous 2 to 5 inch ovate leaflets. They are also sharply tooth.  The leaf veins terminate at the bottom of leaf serrations and not at the tips, which helps to identify this plant.

Flowers are white and tiny, have 5 petals and 5 stamens that grow in umbrella like clusters 2 to 8 inches across.  The plant flowers in spring or early summer.  The stem is branching, smooth, hollow and often with purplish-green striations. It has a tuberous root with rootstalks that are multi-chambered and contain a yellowish oily liquid.  This poisonous liquid is said to smell like raw parsnip.

              Please tell your children not to pick or play with the flowers.

More Information:  Online, search for WATER HEMLOCK.  There are numerous sources from which information can be obtained. Also, see water hemlockvideos on youtube.

Note:  We are seeking professionals to remove these plants from the Ranch.


 Seal coating will start August 12 and end on 8/27 providing there are no days that are rained out. Work will start at 7:00 AM M-F, 8:00 AM Sat and end between 3:00 and 4:00 PM.

When your street, or section of street is being seal coated, you will not be able to access your driveway until 7:00 PM in order for the seal coating to dry properly. If you need to use your car that day, it needs to be moved before 7:00 AM M-F and 8:00 AM Sat. You can park in any area not being seal coated. On the schedule below, the date is the day when your driveway will be inaccessible, which doesn’t always correspond to your street address.

If your side of the street is being seal coated on a trash pickup day, the trash container needs to be moved to the opposite side of the street and we can help with this.

We could use volunteers on Mon 8/26 and Tues 8/27 to direct traffic at the entrance and around the blind curve when one side is closed. Please contact Maureen at

Any questions, contact

NOTE: We have done our best to ensure your driveway will only be inaccessible for one day out of this two week schedule.

You can access this schedule if you desire a printed copy:  RPOA Seal Coating Schedule


(This is the day your driveway will be unavailable).

Mon 8/12. ½ of entrance to the Circle. Unit A-4.

                        1 side CCR from the Circle on the mailbox side, addresses: 200 – 254.

Tues 8/13. 1 side CCR, addresses: 183 – 197.

Weds 8/14. North side Latigo, addresses 7 – 117.

                        North side CCR offshoot, addresses: 308, 322, 324, 320, 318.

Thurs 8/15. All of Brookie Creek, Game Trail (includes 353 CCR), River Run (except 20 River Run).

Fri 8/16. South side Latigo, addresses: 22 – 108. (except 6 Latigo Rd).

                 South side CCR offshoot, addresses: 292, 300, 302, 304, 310, 312, 316.

Sat 8/17. 1 side CCR, addresses: 258 – 296, 340 – 370. Entrance to RV park will be         blocked.

Mon 8/19. 1 side CCR, addresses: 20 River Run, 433 CCR.

Tues 8/20. 1 side CCR, addresses: 480 – 490, 520 – 530.

Weds 8/21. ½ of the Circle, units B1 – B4, C1 – C4, D1 – D2

                        North side Fawn Lake, addresses: 11 – 76.

Thurs 8/22. ½ of the Circle, units A1 – A3, D3 – D4, E1 – E2

                        South side Fawn Lake, addresses: 4 – 54.

Fri 8/23. 1 side CCR, addresses: 459 and cul de sac 535 – 545.

Sat 8/24. 1 side CCR, addresses: 585 – 595.

Mon 8/26. North side entrance, blind curve. Includes 6 Latigo Road.

Tues 8/27. South side entrance, blind curve. Remaining stretch of CCR with no homes.